Meet the first mother-daughter pair to compete in Brazil’s Miss Bumbum contest (Photos/videos)

Sizing up the competition: With both women neck-and-neck in the race following a public vote, both said they will do anything to win with just two weeks to go until the grand final

A woman and her daughter have registered and are taking part in a Miss Bum bum contest in Brazil.

The competition, which is meant for women, is aimed at choosing the lady with the best and firmest butt.

Bruna Ferraz and her daughter Eduarda Morais, who are both obsessed with the desire to win the pageantry, decided to register, hoping that one of them will win the grand price.

This decision, which was greatly influenced by their desire to showcase their butt to the world, didn’t seem to go down well with the woman’s lover who walked out on her when he realised she was contesting.

Bruna Ferraz, the 35-year-old woman and her daughter, 19-year-old Eduarda Morais, are the first pair of family to have contested for the competition.

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The pair, who said they desperately want to be crowned the queen of shapely bum bum, explained about the easy decision making progress and also the fun they have had so far in the competition.

According to Bruna Ferraz, “it was an easy decision to make, I would never let anything get in the way of realising my dream, and certainly no man.”

Her daughter on the other hand had this to say, “Winning means everything  to me, it will change my life forever.

“I know it means everything to my mum too. Now we are both in the finals, it will depend on who got the most beautiful bum bum. I admire my mum’s and I hope mine will be as firm as hers when I am her age.”


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