7 Reasons Men Get Sleepy After Sex


By Dr Taiwo Fadeyi

This actually came up from a round table discussion I was having with my membership health club about better sex. The actual question was this? Why do men get very weak, sleep off and start snoring almost immediately after sex?

We had a real good time dissecting the whys and wherefores. Some of the reasons were uncomplimentary about we men.

Unfortunately, I was the moderator and the only man around. But I tried my best to defend us. Did I really have any choice? Anyway, here are some of the reasons. Selfishness: I tried very hard to debunk this, but the evidence was too overwhelming. It is true that some men don’t care at all about their partners.

They just want to have their way. Although we all agreed on this, the problem was the number. Most gave a statistics of 80%. I think that is too high. What do you think? Send me an email as usual. I will appreciate it.

Bedroom stamina: This I do agree with intoto. A lot of men cannot go more than once. Even that one time is like 5 minutes and weak. I am not talking about weak erection or quick ejaculation alone here.

You must have bedroom stamina in order to last 15 minutes or even longer. There are various techniques for this. Bedroom satisfaction must be mutual.

Gone are those days when we believed that only men must enjoy sex. Stress: Most men don’t know how to manage stress. Yes, life is very stressful, especially in this era of change here, there and everywhere.

Buhari don try. Change in the bedroom should be positive not negative. Try not to bring the stress of work and life generally into the bedroom. Hang it by the door immediately you come in. Stress is terrible.

Makes people fall asleep at the wrong time and place. As in when driving. I know men do fall asleep even on top of their partners immediately after sex.

Trade Club

But I have never heard of anybody sleeping during sex. Or have you? Don’t be shy, tell me if you have. Your privacy is guaranteed. Evolution. Some scientists believe this. Sex in the prehistoric days had only one purpose.

Reproduction. Yes reproduction, not enjoyment. So the man was to give and the woman to receive. So after ejaculation, mission accomplished and he could go back to sleep.

The man’s body had been wired for this since the beginning of time. We now find it difficult to change. But change we must. Wiring: Scientists have dis covered that men’s hormones are wired for the morning period. Full details about this in my next article.

Absence of Sexual knowledge. Most Nigerian men do not have adequate knowledge about sex.

They know little or nothing about the various stages. I’m always surprised at the number of us that know little or nothing about foreplay and afterplay.

We just don’t know what to do after we ejaculate. So the next thing is to fall asleep. Environment: Peaceful home environment and time makes us fall asleep sometimes after sex.

After all we wouldn’t do so if sex was done hurriedly as with a call girl or in an hotel. Physiological: This is also verified by statistics.

After sex, some hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin etc are released by the brain. Amongst other things they give a sense of achievement, relaxation and induce sleep. So that’s it for this week. See you later.

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