Family Feeds Day Old Baby To Dog


A family of five were arrested by the Kastina State Police Command for allegedly feeding a day old baby boy to a dog as a meal.

Those being held include a 15-year-old Wosila Halilu, her three stepbrothers and her mother.

The Punch reports that Wosila, who is the mother of the baby, got pregnant after she was raped by a 27-year-old farmer, Musa Garba.

She claimed that Garba lured her into a farm and raped her.

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It was reported that the family viewed the pregnancy as shameful since she had it out of wedlock, they then had a meeting after the baby was delivered and decided to feed it to a dog.

The culprits were brought before a Kastina Magistrate Court on three counts of culpable homicide, criminal conspiracy and rape.

The prosecution said the offences were in contravention of sections 235, 387 and 85 of the Penal code.



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