FUTO Female Student Bites Off The Nose Of Another During Fight [Photo]


The fight between two students of a tertiary institution has cost one of them to lose her nose and suffering from severe pains.

A student of the School of Agric and Agricultural Technology, Federal University Of Technology Owerri, Imo State, bit off the nose of another student during a fight at Hostel C.

According to Evangelist Anointed Charles who shared this news on Facebook, the students allegedly had a little misunderstanding between themselves which led to a fight. One told the other to fetch some water but she objected and started using vulgar language on her. During the spat, the affected lady pulled out the hair of the other lady which led to more drama. .

During the fight started, the affected girl’s nose was bitten, causing the right part to fall off. When other students noticed what had happened, they quickly looked for the fallen part but were unable to find it. Her cheek was also bitten. After the drama, she was rushed to the school clinic but was rejected .


She was then referred to the Federal Medical Centre Owerri for treatment and surgery. For the bleeding to stop, the medical team at FMC had to cut some flesh from her laps.

Further details say the matter is still under investigation.



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