Uche Ekwunife’s litany of desperations, by Sullivan Odumegwu

Since the recent nullification of her election by the Court of Appeal, former ‘Senator’ Uche Ekwunife has gone from one desperate act to the other. Day in, day out, Ekwunife keeps reeling out her litany of desperations, all to the amusement of the Anambra Central electorate and possibly the embarrassment of her hapless political associates.

First, it was her noisy defection to the All Progressives Congress – an APC that she once called an Islamic party. An APC that produced a President Ekwunife called Boko Haram leader and all sorts of bad names in the last general election; an APC that Ekwunife had for long insulted its leader, Senatir Ahmed Bola Tinubu; an APC Ekwunife hated so much that she once said that its former senatorial candidate, Dr. Chris Ngige, is anti-Igbo. Now, Ekwunife is recanting, begging, groveling and embarrassing herself and her family, all in a desperate but vain attempt to become a Senator at all costs.

It is this sort of vintage Ekwunife circus that earned her the inglorious ‘nomination’ that later became her undoing. At that time, it was either she became the PDP nominee or the bubble must bust. She had her infamous way but later found it to to a Pyrrhic victory. And now this: Having sensed that the political climate in the PDP has changed for better, Ekwunife decided to take her desperations and antics to APC, a party that will soon learn how inconsistent she is.

Recall that since 2007, Uche Ekwunife has belonged to and un-belonged to all the major political parties in Nigeria. First, it was the Peoples Democratic Party, which she used (and abused) to become a member of House of Rep; and then later dumping PDP to become the gubernatorial candidate of Progressive Peoples Alliance in 2010.

The following year, and having lost out in PPA, she defected to the All Progressives Grand Alliance and used its platform to, again, become a House of Rep member in 2011. And as her comedy of desperate acts continued, she jumped the ship of APGA in 2014, whilst her tenure had not expired, and dropped the name of Patience Jonathan to garner the ill-fated PDP Senatorial ticket in 2015.


Looking at the forgoing, it is easy to see where Mrs Ekwunife is going, how desperate she has always been and how, in a period spanning less than ten years, she has traversed four political parties. The question, therefore, is this: Now that Ekwunife has jumped into APC, whither will be her next berth when she loses the upcoming 2016 Anambra Central senatorial election? This is a question the electorate and the APC need to ponder.

Dr. Odumegwu wrote from sodumegwu@gmail.com.


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