Al-Shabab Uses Donald Trump In Propaganda Video


Terror group, al-Shabab has released a propaganda video in which they used clips of controversial American Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump calling for a ban on entrance of Muslims into the United States.

In the 51 minute-long video, the Somalia-based terror group called on African-American Muslims to join their fundamentalist struggle, while urging non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

The group also condemned what it called racism, police brutality and anti-Islam sentiments in the US.

Recall that Trump had advocated the ban on migration of Muslims into the US pending when American authorities would figure a way out to adequately tackle incessant attacks, following a San Bernardino, California shooting by a Muslim couple that left 14 people dead.


The terror group is seeking to overthrow the Western-backed government in Somalia and impose strict Sharia law, although it has also carried out attacks in Kenya and Ethiopia.

In the past, many Somali-Americans have been known to join up with the group to fight in Somalia.




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