17 Promises President Buhari Made to Nigerians In The ‘Budget of Change’


Earlier today, President Muhammadu Buhari presented his 2016 Budget to the joint session of the National Assembly.

The vice president Yemi Osinbajo, senate president, Bukola Saraki, Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, members of the Federal cabinet, APC national chairman, members of the diplomatic Corp were all seated, and listened with rapt attention as President Buhari delivered his budget speech.

The Herald took a cursory look at the budget and have highlighted the promises made in the budget to Nigerians.

1. I stand before you today promising that we will secure our country, rebuild our economy, and make the Federal Republic of Nigeria stronger than it has ever been.

2. This Budget proposal, the first by our Government, seeks to stimulate the economy, making it more competitive by focusing on infrastructural development; delivering inclusive growth; and prioritizing the welfare of Nigerians.

3. We believe that this budget, while helping industry, commerce and investment to pick up, will as a matter of urgency, address the immediate problems of youth unemployment and the terrible living conditions of the extremely poor and vulnerable Nigerians

4. In the medium to longer term, we remain committed to economic diversification through import substitution and export promotion

5. We will pursue the recovery of everything that belongs to the people of Nigeria. No matter where it is hidden. No matter how long it will take.

6. We are determined to ensure that our resources are managed prudently and utilized solely for the public good.

7. We aim to ensure macroeconomic stability by achieving a real GDP growth rate of 4.37% and managing inflation. To achieve this, we will ensure the aligning of fiscal, monetary, trade and industrial policies.

8. I can assure you that this administration will have a job creation focus in every aspect of the execution of this budget.


9. We also will partner with State and Local Governments to recruit, train and deploy 500,000 unemployed graduates and NCE holders. These graduate teachers will be deployed to primary schools, thereby, enhancing the provision of basic education especially in our rural areas.

10. We also intend to partner with State and Local Governments to provide financial training and loans to market women, traders and artisans, through their cooperative societies.

11. We will invest to safeguard lives and property.

12. We will invest in equipping our farmers with the right tools, technology and techniques.

13. We will invest in empowering and enabling our miners to operate in a safe, secure and humane environment.

14. We will invest in training our youths, through the revival of our technical and vocational institutions, to ensure they are competent enough to seize the opportunities that will arise from this economic revival.

15. We will not betray the trust reposed in us.

16. We will welcome and be responsive to your feedback and criticisms.

17. We are here to serve. And indeed, Nigerians will get the service they have longed for and which they rightly deserve.



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