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Home News OPINION: Just Before We Cruxify Dasuki By Festus Ogun

OPINION: Just Before We Cruxify Dasuki By Festus Ogun

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“Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her” – John 8: 7 Before starting this piece, I will like to crave the indulgence of the non-Christian readers for the use of biblical reference in this piece. It is not a deliberate attempt to propagate the religious beliefs but the best way I can use in driving home the message. Thanks for understanding.

The scenario that let to the excerpt above was the time when the woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus by the Pharisees.

The woman was said to have broken the Law of Moses and the punishment for the offence is that the woman must be stoned to death.

When the Pharisees asked Jesus what they should do to the accused woman, the excerpt above was Jesus answer to there question. “When they(the Pharisees) heard this, they all left, one by one.” If I were to be asked why they left, to the best of my understanding, I will say it’s because they have found themselves guilty of a sin or the other. They are no saints.

For two weeks or so now, the song of ‘Dasuki stole N2.1billion’ have been the one played and listen to by all Nigerians. In fact, the deaf could hear the rhythm of the song; this signifies how loud and popular the song is. Even the day old baby is aware of the fact that Dasuki stole ‘our’ money.

It got to the extent that anytime I log in my Facebook account, the Dasukigate of a thing is what will be on my news feed. To be frank, even till now, I’ve been unable to get the meaning of the ‘gate’ added to Dasuki’s name. Wait, who invented the idea of ‘gatism’ sef?

I have been lost in trance while thinking whether Dasuki is the only thief in Nigeria. I’m still bewildered why he’s the talk of town. Or is it because he’s stolen a huge amount from the money said to be for procuring arms for combatting the Boko-haram sect? Or is 2.1 billion the highest kudi ever pilfered from our treasury by a single person?

Before answers are given to these questions, let’s make the application of the biblical references above to the issue at hand. Here, Dasuki, is the woman caught with adultery and the Pharisees are ‘we’ the self-righteous Nigerians. Now that Dasuki is accused of theft, who are we to throw stones of abusive and shameful words at him?

Corruption is part and parcel of Nigeria. Corruption is our way of life. In fact, corruption has polluted the air we breath in. And the function of the air to the body cannot be overemphasized.

Air brings life to the body. No air, no human body. Now that the air we breath is contaminated with corruption, it will be logically right for me to say we survive on corruption. ‘Without’ corruption, we are lifeless! Maybe it’s caused by the Naija-no-dey-carry-last spirit in us.

Every sector of the economy is affected with the disease called corruption. There is mass looting of yam from the Federal level to the local level. Public officials enrich themselves with the funds meant for the development of the entire citizens. And we the citizen too benefit from the yams stolen during election period. 2÷4=2.

If we take a look at those who claim to head churches and mosques, they are all guilty of the offence of corruption. Yes! Money meant for projects in churches and mosques are converted to pastors or imams private accounts. Pastors/Imams go fatter, congregation go more thinner.

Remember the words of MKO Abiola: if you want to know a rotten fish, smell the head. Logically, if our leaders are drenched in corruption, how much more we the followers won’t get wet with it?

It happens everywhere. There is huge corruption in admission process, corruption among contractors, corruption among businesmen and women, to mention a few. Scammers, 419, yahoo- yahoo boys, pickpocters, etc are in all nooks and crannies of the country.

There are also holy corrupt ones. They play underground game of corruption. They are good at mellowing the tune of there corrupt acts. They are good men if jugded by their physical appearance and personality but what they do behind the camera is evil – corruption.

Even going by the global ranking of the most corrupt countries in the world, Nigeria appears in the first five countries. So, why are we so quick in nailing Dasuki to cross?

And if we are to go by the provision of Section 36 , subsection 5 of the 1999 Constitution, he’s still innocent until proved guilty by a competent law court. So, why the hullabaloo?

Before I conclude, let me finish with the biblical scenario I was painting earlier in this piece. I’m acting as the Jesus of ‘you’ all. Let’s imagine you ask me whether Dasuki is to be crucified or stoned because of his corrupt acts, I will tell you to crucify or stone him if and only if you are not also corrupt.

I’m sure, all of ‘you’ will run koroba-koroba away from me like the Pharisees ,which is an indication that your corruption is equal or higher than that of Dasuki. Or do you think stealing is the only corrupt act?

Even the armed robber that burgled last night will, the next morning, come online, sanctimoniously, crucifying Dasuki. May the Lord deliver ‘you’ from your hypocrisy!

Twitter: @feogun


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