Immigration Boss Orders Removal Of Barricades Nationwide


The Controller General of Nigerian Immigration Service, Mr. Martin Jure Abeshi, ordered the immediate dismantling of all barricades mounted on border highways by the border patrol officers.

The Immigration boss who decried high level of indiscipline by border officers while addressing a management meeting with Border Corps Commanders and Passport Control officers said, the trend has become the order of the day with many of its officers and men refusing to report to their controllers.

He said, “Nobody should block highway, you should go and remove all barricades, no blocking of roads from today. Instead, park at strategic places, and if you discover a foreigner in a vehicle search the vehicle thoroughly,” he warned.

It was gathered that the affected officers and men are said to have wilfully refused to follow the service’s chain of command by reporting to their area or state controllers as at when due.

Many of the services personnel who are found wanting in this regard are mostly those along border areas and those on illegal roadblock duties along border areas.


The situation has reportedly worsened since the assumption of office of the current Comptroller General of the Service, Martin Kure Abeshi.

Worried by the development, Mr Abeshi said anyone found to have violated service’s rules would be penalized accordingly.

Abesi, who warned that he will not tolerate the trend said, “Some of you do not report to your controllers, you are not on your own, you are under a controller of a command, we have received reports that you don’t even go to the command headquarters”, he said.



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