Emir Sanusi dethrones Ciroman Kano, apppoints Nasiru Bayero as replacement


Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has removed the eldest son of the former Emir, Lamido Bayero, as the Ciroman Kano.

The Ciroman Kano was accused of being disloyal to the Emir by abandoning his duties in the Kano Emirate.

Lamido Bayero contested against Sanusi for the throne of Emir of Kano following the passing of the former’s father, Emir Ado Bayero.

He is believed to be aggrieved over the loss, a situation that has seen him show less interest in activities of the Emirate.


Meanwhile, the younger brother of the Ciroman Kano, Nasiru Bayero, was on Wednesday, announced as his replacement.

A statement signed by the Galadiman Kano, Abbas Sanusi, communicated the sack of the former Ciroman Kano, Lamido Bayero.




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