Predicting Daddy Freeze


There is an enormous amount of helplessness to hate – that makes haters desperate, frustrated, fool themselves, lose and stay bitter. There is no better place to leave haters – if a person is on a truly great mission – than frustration.

The case of daddy freeze against true Churches in Nigeria is already at the frustration spot, and with all the support he seems to have, he’s helpless. He scored a major interview with a spiritualist in recent days. He defended the interview and put a spin on how it came about. The interview was a symbiotic relationship, and whatever was in it for him is yet to be seen, but the individual interviewed got some press – and came off to many as whom daddy freeze presented.

The desperation did not stop there, Church and Pastor bashing continued for him afterwards, and in his lack of unpredictability, he used the ascent of a billionaire on the rankings to describe giving to the poor and that the billionaire does not pay tithes, or give offerings or first fruit. OK.

It will almost be a disappointment for the smartness of daddy freeze to not use that example because he had used similar examples before and he’s lacking in thoughtfulness.

The predictability of his opinions as an élite hater – against Churches, questions his ingenuity and how intelligent he might be. There are no surprises to him. There is nothing new again. In fact a dumb acting enemy as daddy freeze could easily be baited, assuming Churches wanted to make a fool of him more than he has – to himself already.

Although gloating is never recommended in battle, but there is some form of joy true Churches should have that their biggest critic is some individual who does not know his right from his left. There is nothing that makes sense from most of what he says. There is nothing that if picked apart and analyzed that daddy freeze said, that isn’t hollow.

Tithes are not a scam. Those who call tithes a scam have probably never been scammed; or maybe they do not know what a scam is, or how it works, or they are trying to hide some stupidity behind the criticism. Scams are often more sophisticated than giving a part of your own money, freewill, towards something bigger than yourself – in accordance with your existential and eternal Faith.

True Churches are not business centers. Also, if a person that is a professional in agriculture goes to Church, gets encouraged, gets prophesized on, and the person goes to work and underperforms or is incompetent, it is not the fault of the pastor. How a pastor is expected to be responsible for all the members with respective and separate lives is beyond thinkable.

If true Churches are growing and expanding in Nigeria, maybe they offer something people need and want. If people get Hope and have Faith, and refuse to apply courage, invention and excellence at their genuine endeavors it is not the failure of the Church.

If education in Nigeria is not the best and there are no refinements of cogitation, cognition and mentation to be able to root in passion for true development, it is not the fault of the Church, maybe blame universities and the professors there.

The misunderstanding against true Churches have been simmering for years, in fact some forum threads have tens of pages on related topics, but no one tried to cheerlead it because it is not exactly a big deal whatever anyone chooses to do with their time or income – if it does not affect you or affect public good. But daddy freeze did.

He wanted an escape, it is unclear to what, maybe more fame, more money, respect, or controversialist, but he’s stranded. People won’t stop going or giving in Churches, he won’t have supporters beyond internet people and he will not even get a sit at any respected table.

He will always say whatever is expected of him to say, attack true Churches and Pastors for anything. Blame them, disparage members and point to nonsense – calling it smartness. He liked his position but his formula is stale.

How can Nigeria become developed?

If illiteracy is – in part – responsible for some of the major conflicts and violence in Nigeria, what sets of foolproof strategies could work for resolution?

If electricity is insufficient, what new models could be useful?

If there is starvation, how can agriculture be helpful?

If every new development test can’t work everywhere, how can great locations for new projects be identified?

How can true knowledge and solutions inclination rule Nigeria instead of waiting for a new president every four years – and then disappointment?

How can there be education that leads to great passion for knowledge and solutions?

None of these are the work of the Church, but daddy freeze had criticized churches for many of these in the past. He continues to claim he’s freeing people – but no one is in any bondage [going/giving] in true Churches. Nigeria will become developed if development is the focus; it has nothing to – directly – do with true Churches.

The bright future daddy freeze is having is criticism and his happiness is to see his picture side-by-side, on blogs, with people he’s using for his parasitic fame and predictable attacks. There’s nothing more.