Med-View adds Kano to route network


Med-View Airline has added Kano to its route network with the inaugural flight from Lagos to Kano taking off on Wednesday March 22.

The airline says it will operate two flights to Kano on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and one flight on Sundays.

In a statement, the airline explained that it entered the route because remains a centre of commerce and religion. The strategic importance of the state, it said, “cannot be ignored hence its decision to provide air services to the ancient city to link it with Lagos and Kaduna.”

The morning flight leaves Lagos at 6.50 and arrive 8.10 am while the return  journey will be routed through Kaduna International Airport.

The afternoon flight at 12.30 PM from Lagos will be routed via Kaduna to give passengers transiting Kano  the opportunity to connect their flights to foreign destinations such as Jeddah and Dubai.

The two daily flights are scheduled in such a way that one operates direct from Lagos to Kano, while the other is routed through Kaduna.