Nuhu Ribadu Dumps PDP For APC, Explains why


A former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, on Friday returned to the All Progressives Congress. Saying the grievances that made him leave for the Peoples Democratic Party had been resolved.

In a statement he signed with his initials ‘NR’ and posted on Facebook, Ribadu said he was also responding to the current political fervour in his Adamawa home state for APC.
He regretted that senior members of the party in the state connived with opponents of the party to orchestrate the impeachment of Governor Murtala Nyako in 2015.

He said that recent developments in the state chapter had given him hope to return to APC. He said he had already te-tegistered with APC through its online portal.

Full text reads:

“I have finally heeded the calls on me to return to the All Progressives Congress (APC), a party of which I was a founding member.

I re-registered as a member of the APC on Thursday through the party’s online portal. After that, the leadership of the party in my Bako ward of Yola South Local Government Area visited me in my Yola residence to welcome me back to their fold.

My decision to return to the APC was triggered by my belief that all politics are local. Almost everyone around me, and with whom we started my political journey believed the time had come for us to make sacrifices and make concessions. That is in addition to the unbelievable love that my friends in the APC have showered on me in the past months.

They demonstrated in words and action that they wanted me back home.

I also did a deep and long reassessment of the circumstances that warranted my exit from the APC in the first place. I left the APC in 2014 owing to fundamental disagreements with the ways the chapter of the party in my state was run after it fell into some hands.

Some colleagues and I tried hard to save the then APC administration from an orchestrated impeachment plot which was unfortunately carried out with active collaboration of some ranking APC members in the state.

However, events in the last 15 months have addressed many of the issues and healed some of the wounds. More so, with the genuine and sincere invitations I received since last year to retrace my steps into the party, I decided to return after consulting family and political associates at all levels.

I would like to appreciate all those members of the party who privately and publicly prodded me to return to the party. My appreciation also goes to the leadership of our party, from my ward in Bako to the national leadership, for the enthusiasm they showed in having me back.