Sai Baba?!? Now Nigerians Eyes Have Cleared



I don’t like deceiving myself and I have no regard for those who choose to deceive me or deceive themselves. Here is the unvarnished truth: A whole tribe of uninformed Nigerians, mostly young people who had no experience of Buhari in government, but who have reached voting age, fell for the farce that Buhari has integrity. They roared him on and flew him on the back of the empty “CHANGE”: slogan and that’s fine. Impressive even. Okay, okay, how can I say the man who locked up people for hundreds of years for corruption has no integrity? How can I say the man who introduced War Against Indiscipline has no integrity? Sure, I won’t bother arguing that now. Let’s assume he HAD integrity before he came to government this time. Let’s forget the criminal administration of PTF, let’s forget the racket of import licences! Let’s quietly not remember his NSO chief, Lawal Rafindadi being dragged away, kicking and screaming from his cache of stolen foreign currencies in millions and millions! Let’s ignore how he yelled till his death that they should give him back his stolen money, because he wasn’t the only thief in the Buhari administration! Let’s leave all that and cloak it all with integrity.

Now, here is the new reality. If you like believe it, if you like don’t. Mr One-Trick-Pony has used his only card. The world is seeing him for who he is now and so are the ignorant young people who, starry-eyed, put him in Aso Rock. First, he danced away from the idea of declaring his assets and when he did, it was AN OBVIOUS SHAM. Oh, I’m not begging you to believe me; it’s obvious to anyone who has an eye, a brain and a fairly working conscience! By the way, did some spokesperson not say he sold a house he never declared to raise foreign exchange for his children’s school fees in England recently? Hehe! Would any Mr Integrity ride 9 presidential planes after criticising this when campaigning? Would any person with integrity run government by ambush by vehemently telling the world there is no subsidy only to be removing it from the backdoor in a few months? Would any man with integrity go claiming to have collected money from supposedly corrupt people and not declare who and how much in a year? So, who is overseeing this? Who is doing the auditing and accounting? Who is paying? How can citizens crosscheck if they are not sure what they’d be told on May 29? Would they be asking those who secretly paid back the money most of who they don’t even know and who will never talk, because the act itself is shady and unlawful? What happens when what is declared does not match what their propaganda pasted on newspaper pages? Where is the integrity in proposing the first padded budget in the history of Nigeria, including attempting to blame it on the legislature and some faceless budget rats when, even after it was stolen back and reviewed, still came back substantially not different? Where is the integrity in signing a budget you do not intend to implement as signed? Where is the integrity of the man who has the biggest power in the country, but who could not call his murderous fellow Fulani herdsmen to order, but would rather raise excuses for them, while huffing and puffing and deploying the whole might of the Nigerian Armed Forces on some ragtag creek urchins protesting cutbacks in their amnesty payments and contracts? Where is the integrity in trying to introduce unconstitutional criminal Sharia through the back door through minions in the National Assembly? Oh, you don’t know? It’s a private member bill? Okay, remain the last pilgrim in Jerusalem O! Siddon dia, Mr and Mrs Dundee!

I overheard some people celebrating the poor Archbishop of Canterbury selling the notion that this president is not corrupt, but they did not hear the fantastically suppressed and disrespectful chuckle from the political company hanging out with him and the Queen. Does anyone think the Daily Mail expose on him and Amaechi is by chance? Do they think the Financial Times and the London Telegraph are also poking in the dark? Has anyone been listening to the African foreign policy experts in Washington recently? Well, here is the bad news – The Emperor’s robe is no longer hanging on his body! If you want to go find it, that’s your funeral. As for me, I see!


What we are looking for in 2019? Jeez! Son, survive 2016 first! Stop running ahead! Survive first!

(Note: I don’t bother with those who love to insult. Of course, I can do roforofo with the best of them, but there are many ways to skin a cat! Don’t donate yourself for my experiment. Don’t, and I mean, don’t try. Be nice, so I play nice too thank you)

Culled from Kennedy Emetulu’s Facebook