Man Dies After Woman Pulled His Manhood During Fight Over Money


All hell broke loose in the town of Kotokuom in the Ashanti region of Ghana recently when a 50-year-old man died after engaging in a fight with a woman who pulled his penis.

According to Ghana Celebrities, the fight broke out between the victim, Thomas Darko, and the suspect, Abena Serwaa, over some money he owed her.

Ghana Celebrities reported that the lady had gone to Darko’s house to demand for the said money which led to an argument between them.

The argument later degenerated into physical combat during which Darko pummeled Serwaa.

While trying to defend herself, she reportedly got hold of his penis and pulled hard on it.

After the fisticuffs, Serwaa reportedly went to the police station to complain of battery and Darko was arrested.

He was soon granted bail and transferred to a teaching hospital for treatment after he started urinating blood.

However, this could not save his life as he gave up the ghost.